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3 décembre 2012


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24 novembre 2012



NWO, même combat ?

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 Vallecito Resists, Satuye Lives! The Garífuna Resistance to Honduras’ Charter Cities - Tuesday, 18 September 2012 18:02

Written by Tim Russo, with Research by Genevieve Roudane and COMPPA

source : http://upsidedownworld.org/main/honduras-archives-46/3869-vallecito-resists-satuye-lives-the-garifuna-resistance-to-honduras-charter-cities

¤ Projet EDEN, EUROVEGAS, BARCELONA WORLD, SHELDON ADELSON, PAUL ROMER,charter cities, ORWELL, NWO, même combat ?  dans Politique/société clip_image001-300x184

Le Deal

Le 4 décembre 2011, à Tegucigalpa, la commission pour la promotion du partenariat public-privé, COALIANZA, une commission créée par le congrès du Honduras, a signé un contrat de 15 millions de dollars avec un consortium d’investissement conduit par Michael Strong pour lancer la construction de la première ville modèle du Honduras.  Durant la cérémonie de signature, Juan Orlando Hernández, président du congrès du Honduras a proclamé,  “C’est un moment extraordinaire pour notre pays, pour cette génération de  Hondurains et pour la génération de politiciens, universitaires, et conseillers qui ont décidé de regarder vers l’avenir et de ne pas avoir peur du changement.” Carlos Pineda, le président de COALIANZA, a décrit le project comme ayant “le potentiel de transformer le Honduras en un moteur de richesse,” et un “mécanisme de développement appartenant normalement aux pays développés.”[xxiii]

clip_image0024-300x168 dans Politique/société

Strong, founder and CEO of NGK, stated that “the future will remember this day as the day that Hondurasbegan developing,” because “we believe this will be one of the most important transformations in the world, through whichHonduras will end poverty by creating thousands of jobs.”[xxiv] Strong further emphasized that « this is a collaboration between a diverse group of investors, businesses and experts that aim to eliminate poverty through the creation of wealth inHonduras by means of Special Development Regions. »[xxv]Although the details of the deal are unclear, apparentlyCanada andSouth Korea will be the initial investors in the project, which is expected to break ground in Puerto Castilla, on the Trujillo Bay.[xxvi]

There are many sketchy details about the US based consortium NGK, who have estimated that they could create as many as 200,000 jobs for Hondurans over the next couple of years.[xxvii] Even the mainstream media are confused about the name of the consortium; the AP, ABC, The Guardian and The Independent have cited the company as either « NGK » or « MGK. »  Even the highlighted article on the Honduran Congress’s website ran contradictory information about the consortium, citing « MGK » in the headline and title of the article while referring only to « NGK » in the body of the very same article.  Extensive searches for information in regards to either name or any consortium run by Michael Strong return null, leading to a series of doubts as to whetherHondurashas signed an 15 million dollar contract with a ghost company.


Furthermore, Paul Romer in his blog on www.chartercities.org  wrote on September 7th, “Here at Charter Cities, we’ve received several requests for comment on recent press reports of an agreement with investors to develop the Honduran Special Development Regions (REDs). We learned of these agreements from the media and have no knowledge of their terms, so we’re unable to offer any comment about them.”  Romer concludes by stating that members of the Transparency Commission (the supposed governing apparatus for the Charter City) have written to the Honduran President to clarify the situation.[xxviii] The Transparency Commission was named by the President Porfirio Lobo Sosa in December 2011 and includes Paul Romer, George Akerlof, a Nobel Laureate in Economy and Permanent Resident at the International Monetary Fund, Nancy Birdall, an ex Vice-President at the Inter American Development Bank, Boon-Hwee Ong, an ex-general in the Singapore Armed Forces, and Harry Strachan, the Director Emeritus at Bain & Company (founded by US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and documented to have funneled El Salvadoran death squad funding during the 1980′s Central American civil wars).[xxix]

Nonetheless, Strong maintains that “We will work closely with the governor of the Charter City to assure that the region is equipped with the best police force, the best jurisprudence, legal system and transparency. The main goal of our project is to create the foundation of a safe and prosperous community for Hondurans.”[xxx] Furthermore, it turns out that Strong is not just the CEO of the controversial NGK or MGK consortium, but also the CEO and co-founder of FLOW (Freedom Lights Our World) and « flow-idealism » an organization built on libertarian and Friedmanite economic philosophies and theories.

Strong, who considers himself a leftist, is closely connected to and funded by Whole Foods CEO and FLOW’s other co-founder John Mackey.  He goes so far as to relate the concept of « Free Cities » to an « anarcho-capitalist-paradise » that will be much more efficient in eradicating global poverty than the « euro-socialism » so feared by the « whackos » in the Tea Party.[xxxi] This is how Strong presented his philosophy and project to an elite group of global libertarians in April 2011 at an exclusive resort on Roatán, a Honduran Island in the Caribbean.  Patri Friedman and Mexican Ricardo Valenzuela, CEO of Free Cities Lld were among the special guests.  During his presentation in Roatán last year, titled “Marketing Free Cities as a Mainstream Solution to Global Poverty,” Strong repeated numerous times that one distinguishing factor between he and others that promote similar types of projects is that « We are on the side of the angels, » supposedly emphasizing his humanistic, transcendental and new-ageist traits that represent his particular line of thought among the diverse tangents in the libertarian movement.[xxxii]


[i] El pueblo Garinagu es el nombre original del pueblo garífuna después de haberse mezclado africanos naufragados en San Vincente del Caribe con los pueblos indígenas Arawak y Carib.
[ii] A principios del 2012, el congreso hondureño pasó una resolución la cual prohíbe que se monte más de una persona sobre una motocicleta debido al alto nivel de asesinatos atribuidos a gatilleros montado como pasajeros en motos, quienes rápidamente huyen de sus crímenes.
[iii] La empresa asociativa es la calificación legal de tierras otorgada por el Instituto Nacional Agraria.  No se ha permitido una titulación comunal como cooperativa en los últimos años en Honduras, sobre todo en el Aguan y el departamento de Colón.
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